You can tell a great deal about people, and companies, by the friends they keep. We consider ours to be the cream of the crop, and have the road trips and exciting fishing experiences to backup such a bold claim.

Different members of the "core team" provide different key ingredients. Luke has the business experiences and the love of fishing that makes strategy sessions and product design enjoyable.  Mickey provides intuative, practical product design ideas and has some wicked sewing skills. Fisch is both a great sounding board for business related issues and big picture dreaming, as well as an inspiration for not only dreaming big but getting on the damn boat and making something happen. Rancher inspires with his boundless passion for angling in all its forms, but fly fishing in particular, and with his considerable skills behind the lens. Whalen is the creative outlier, he is pushing our creative boundaries and in doing so allowing us to have more compelling product. 

Robin and Lance are poised to be the foundation that launches Rising 2.0 into a meaningful brand. One in which we are able to design great product, make it ourselves in our own shop, sell it with the help of our favorite retail friends and make enough money to put a chunk back into River resortation/water conservation so that our existence is a net positve for the American environment...and then have enough left over for excellent days on the water with friends and our children.