Dalton Smith

Dalton is responsible for keeping team members dialed with Rising gear, updating our social media with the cool pictures and stories they create, and acting as a conduit with their ideas for new or refined products during our design sessions.

Facebook: Dalton Smith - Instagram: @daltonsmith3 - Twitter: @daltonsmith3



Thad Robison - GeoBass - MotivFishing

Thad Robison

One of the 4 adventurers who make up the MOTIV Fishing crew, and the only one living here in Utah. Thad often comes up to our shop to help out with any great ideas and improvements after his time testing his Rising gear in the harshest conditons in the world! Thanks to Thad we know that our tools are bomber and up to any task!

See more of their adventures here:

Facebook: Thad Robison - Instagram: @Fishhippie - Twitter: @Fishhippie



Jay "Rockfish" Johnson

Another member of the MOTIV fishing crew.. The one who does the research and has to fix everythign when it breaks in the middle of nowhere.

Facebook: Jay Johnson - Instagram: @jayrockfish - Twitter: @jayrockfish



Capt. Brian Jill - GeoBass - MotivFishing

Capt. Brian Jill

Another member of the MOTIV fishing crew.. The one who does the research and has to fix everything when it breaks in the middle of nowhere. When Capt. Brian isn't in the middle of nowhere catching huge fish you can find him in the Tampa Bay area of Florida providing exceptional guide service for species ranging from redfish to snook to tarpon... Captain Brian Jill knows it all and helps us design tools that withstand the harshest enviroments.

For more on Capt. Brian Jill's Guide Service:

Facebook: Brian Jill - Instagram: @captbrianjill - Twitter: @captbrianjill



Chris "Wildman" Owens - GeoBass - MotivFishing

Chris "Wildman" Owens

Another member of the MOTIV fishing crew.. The one who does the research and has to fix everythign when it breaks in the middle of nowhere.

Facebook: Chris Owens - Instagram: @wildmanowens - Twitter: @WildmanOwens



Mickey Anderson

THE MAN, Fish Ninja, Fly Designer, Rising product designer

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Targhee Boss - Team Rising UT

Targhee Boss

We first got the chance to meet Targhee at small fly fishing festival in Utah, and from there on out he has been very helpful with the design and testing of some of our most popular products like the Rising Net and Lippa4Life. Targhee is an outstanding guide in the State of Utah where you will find him chasing Pike, Carp, and Musky in the colder Spring months and rowing the beautiful waters of the Green River below Flaming Gorge in his Summers and Fall. 

For more on Targhee and his guiding adventures:

Facebook: Targhee Boss - Instagram: @utahstillwaters - Twitter:



Capt. Jono Jones - Team Rising Australia

Capt. Jonathan Jones

Captain Jonathan Jones hails from Australia.... that is when he isn't somewhere else travleing the world chasing exotic species of fish. Capt. Jono Jones gets it done on the salt flats to the deep sea with his fly fishing adventures and captures the moments with his film and photography. Jonathan is one of the best guides in all of Australia and can out on some increbile species such as GT, Marlin, Tuna, and Barramundi to only name a few. We are stoked to have Captain Jono Jones repping Rising down under.

Check out more of Jonathan's photo/film work here:

Facebook: Jonathan Jones - Instagram: @redbeard @the_endlesssession - Twitter



Kate Taylor

Co-founder of Fridgate adventure travel and all around awesome person

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Justin Crump

Co-founder of Frigate adventrue travel, one of the originators of the fishing DVD explosion

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Lance "Gold Medal" Egan

Catches fish anywhere and everywhere, under big pressure

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Eric Ratliff - Team Rising WYO

Eric Ratliff

Another STUD

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Kramer Jackson - Team Rising WYO

Kramer Jackson

Another STUD

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Ivan Orsic - Team Rising CO

Ivan Orsic

Ivan calls Denver, Colorado his home and he has the state of Colorado dialed in to a tee! Ivan does great work with his fishing film and photography work to go along with impressive angling skills. You will often catch him with his friend and fellow Team Rising member Tanner Smith fishing.

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Tanner Smith - Team Rising CO

Tanner Smith

Tanner reigns from the great state of Colorado and knows the bodies of water in his state like the back of his hand. Typically you can find Tanner repping throwback NBA jerseys while out on the water having a good time with his dog Gus! Tanner is a STUD angler and great person and we are very stoked to have him be apart of our team.

Check his blog for all of the goods:

Facebook: Tanner Smith - Instagram: @sanjuanandeggs - Twitter



Matus Sobolic - Team Rising CA

Matus Sobolic

Matus is from the big city of Los Angeles, CA but that hasn't stopped him from becomming an avid fly angler of whatever species he can get his fly too. Matus has put more exotic and crazy species of fish in his Rising Net than anyone we know.... Ling cod, koi, carp, trout, catfish, bass, mackeral, and who else knows what other fish! Matus truly knows how to get it done with his stealth-ninja tactics and photography skills, we are happy to have him be apart of our team!

Facebook: Matus Sobolic - Instagram: @calicarpin - Twitter:



Kenny Price - Team Rising AZ

Kenny Price

Kenny is a tremendous angler and fly tyer, you will often catch him in the hot sun of Arizona chasing warm water species like Carp and the occassional rare Koi. Kenny can get it done on any type of water, whether it be chasing trout around Colorado or an urban adventure, he is truly a Fly Fishing ninja! 

Facebook: Kenny Price - Instagram: @kphellahyped - Twitter:



Cory "Meat in The Pot"

Long time collaborator and friend

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Amy "Amos" Sharp

Another STUD

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Steve Yewchuck

Another STUD

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