• FishWhistle Kit FishWhistle Kit $42.00
    After we built our first prototype brass tools, we knew we'd be making a Fish Whistle and that we needed a sweet Kit to hold all the essential ingredients. Our first thought was Recycled Waders for the bag since we liked the concept of ... Read More
  • Aluminum Net Aluminum Net $129.00

    Choose your options

    Anodized Gunmetal, 24" Handle - $129.00:

    Anodized Orange, 24" Handle - $129.00:

    Anodized Red, 24" Handle - $129.00:

    Anodized Gunmetal, 38" handle - $139.00:

    Anodized Orange, 38" Handle - $139.00:

    Anodized Red, 38" Handle - $139.00:

    Anodized Aluminum Net Knurled texture for grip Biggest Chinese clear bag available (US made version coming as we increase sales) Measurement indicators on hoop Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowi... Read More
  • Mickeys Tippet Leash Mickeys Tippet Leash $10.00
    My signature tippet leash was originally the best method to carry tippet on the early flask pack prototypes. I can't overstate how much easier it is to have your tippet spools horizontally oriented instead of vertically stacked. It'... Read More
  • Holster w/File Holster w/File $30.00
    Practical, durable, and lightweight way to carry your lippa4life and any other pair of pliers. The holster had two pockets, one for the Lippa4Life and the outermost for any other pair pliers, a horizontal pocket sewn between the fabric to ... Read More
  • Flask Pack Flask Pack $60.00
    Here's how it came to be. Three years ago we were fishing with our good friend and fellow product perfectionist Mickey Anderson. One of us wore a chest pack from a prior employer, the other a leather lanyard we used to sell and fly boxes in s... Read More
  • Rigging Station Rigging Station $40.00
    We designed the Rigging Station with input and encouragement from our sales rep in MT, ID, & WY – John Dobson. Like us, he was frustrated with having all his gear scattered around the drift boat when he was fishing. 4 years ago ... Read More
  • Custom Coasters Custom Coasters $8.00
    Coasters - support for your drink while keeping table ring-free. So they are practical, and thanks to us, stylish. Anodized Aluminum - smooth and diamond-plate tread..