• Shot Stick Shot Stick $30.00
  • Shot Pack Shot Pack $30.00
    We collaborated with Mickey Anderson to perfect the size and user-friendly features found on the Shot Pack. Whether you are the minimalist type angler looking to get on the water with just your simple necessities or the angler looking for a w... Read More
  • Replacement Rubber Nets Replacement Rubber Nets $20.00

    Choose your options

    Clear, 21" x 9" x 9" - $20.00:

    Clear, 27" x 9" x 14" - $25.00:

    Black, 27" x 9" x 14" - $25.00:

    Black, 31" x 22" x 10" - $35.00:

    Replacement rubber net bags in 3 sizes and 2 colors - Brookie Size - Clear (21" x 9" x 9") - Lunker Size - Clear & Black (27" x 9" x 14") - Lunker XL Size - Black (31" x 22" x 10")
  • Aluminum Net - 10 Aluminum Net - 10" Brookie $99.00

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    Red, 10" handle - $99.00:

    Orange, 10" Handle - $99.00:

  • Aluminum Net - Lunker Aluminum Net - Lunker $129.00

    Choose your options

    Anodized Orange, 24" Handle - $129.00:

    Anodized Red, 24" Handle - $129.00:

    Anodized Black, 38" Handle - $149.00:

    Anodized Gunmetal, 38" handle - $149.00:

    Anodized Orange, 38" Handle - $149.00:

    Anodized Red, 38" Handle - $149.00:

    Anodized Aluminum Net Knurled texture for grip Biggest Chinese clear bag available (US made version coming as we increase sales) Measurement indicators on hoop - 12", 16",18",19",20" 21" Custom acetal bolt to hold hoo... Read More
  • Mickeys Tippet Leash Mickeys Tippet Leash $10.00
    My signature tippet leash was originally the best method to carry tippet on the early flask pack prototypes. I can't overstate how much easier it is to have your tippet spools horizontally oriented instead of vertically stacked. It'... Read More
  • Holster w/File Holster w/File $30.00
    Practical, durable, and lightweight way to carry your lippa4life and any other pair of pliers. The holster had two pockets, one for the Lippa4Life and the outermost for any other pair pliers, a horizontal pocket sewn between the fabric to ... Read More
  • Flask Pack Flask Pack $65.00
    Here's how it came to be. Three years ago we were fishing with our good friend and fellow product perfectionist Mickey Anderson. One of us wore a chest pack from a prior employer, the other a leather lanyard we used to sell and fly boxes in s... Read More
  • Rigging Station Rigging Station $40.00
    We designed the Rigging Station with input and encouragement from our sales rep in MT, ID, & WY – John Dobson. Like us, he was frustrated with having all his gear scattered around the drift boat when he was fishing. 4 years ago ... Read More
  • FishWhistle Kit FishWhistle Kit $42.00
    After we built our first prototype brass tools, we knew we'd be making a Fish Whistle and that we needed a sweet Kit to hold all the essential ingredients. Our first thought was Recycled Waders for the bag since we liked the concept of ... Read More
  • Custom Coasters Custom Coasters $8.00
    Coasters - support for your drink while keeping table ring-free. So they are practical, and thanks to us, stylish. Anodized Aluminum - smooth and diamond-plate tread..