• Stout Bodkin Stout Bodkin $10.00
    The Stout Bodkin is one of our new fly tying tools. We make all of these tools ourselves, in our own shop. We find it rewarding, and hope you appreciate the different look and feel of our tools. The handle shape, knurled at the top tapering... Read More
  • Stubby Shepard Stubby Shepard $10.00
    The stubby shepard is another of our new fly tying tools we are making in our Salt Lake shop. The shepard hook wire produces a open loop from your fly into which you can easily add all thicknesses of dubbing. Knurling the aluminum on our ... Read More
  • Kelly Galloup TieUp Dubbing tool Kelly Galloup TieUp Dubbing tool $20.00
    Kelly Galloup has changed the way we fish. He introduced us to sinking line, large articulated streamers, and a cannon of a fly rod in the Bank Robber. Throwing streamers and feeling the trout smash the fly is one of ou... Read More
  • Simple Hackle Holda Simple Hackle Holda $3.00
    The Simple Hackle Holda is a great example of our design process. Start with simple, move to complex as needed to achieve desired performance. This is our first product where early prototypes worked so well we stopped – and it’s $3. Simple, Cheap, and Made in America !
  • Threada Threada $10.00
    Made in America not some third world country that can't spell "quality." Stainless steel spring steel wire, double knurled aluminum handle create the best threading tool you will every use friend. Believe it
  • Bead Chart Coaster Bead Chart Coaster $6.00
    Chosing which size hook to go with which bead when tying flies can be tricky.. Lucky for you our man Mickey Anderson did the work for you, and created our easy to use Bead Chart.. Keep the coaster on your tying table and always have ... Read More
  • Stellar Scissors Stellar Scissors $25.00
    We sat down with fly-tying masterminds, Cheech and Curtis from, to figure out how to make the best tying scissor for your all around needs. We wanted to come up with a scissor that could handle trimming small amounts of... Read More
  • Fly Tying Kit Fly Tying Kit $75.00
    Fly Tying Kit Includes: Stellar Scissor - 4" fly tying scissors with hand tuned tips and one blade with micro-serrations for cutting the toughest synthetics to trimming deer hair. Kelly Galloup TieUp Dubbing Tool - created for fly... Read More
  • FishWhistle NailKnot Tool FishWhistle NailKnot Tool $15.00
    Before the advent of the loop to loop line to leader connection, the NailKnot was our go to knot. Still is on our streamer system, and for our friends who chase Steelhead. Also works really well as a fish whistle, for those of... Read More
  • Diamond File Diamond File $10.00
    Losing fish because ones hook is not sharp enough is no way to enjoy fishing..Diamond grit grooves are what sharpen hooks the best, that is why we have two on the MD grit side. We also round the corners on both ends so it doesn't inadvertent... Read More
  • 90' Tweezers 90' Tweezers $10.00
    First it was nippas, then the hook file, now we are bringing our innovative style to the tweezer. Why ? Well for the last couple of years we have been using the early prototype versions of the tweezers you see here when we assemble our Lippa... Read More
  • Nippas Nippas $6.00

    Choose your options

    Red, 1 pair - $6.00:

    25 pack - $150.00:

    25 pack w/clip - $175.00:

    Red w/clip - $7.00:

    The time tested design of standard line cutters left us unfulfilled, so we ensured the quality of our cutting blades, and dipped them in rubber for better grip and easier identification.  Straight sharp cutting blade Rubber grip for... Read More
  • Big Nippa  Big Nippa $12.00

    Choose your options

    Black - $12.00:

    Red - $12.00:

    Light Blue - $12.00:

    Orange - $12.00:

    BIGGER IS BETTER - New BIG Nippa. Nearly .75" cutting blade Thumb control contour Hand Friendly Shape Cuts ALL Mono, Tippet and Braid (yes braid)
  • Coil Leash Coil Leash $8.00
    Our 9mm diameter coil leash is the best we have had made. It's 10" long with welded loops on each end and features a unique delron clip that does not scratch your tools or rust. We primarily use our leashes to attach to the Lippa4Life when we... Read More
  • Bobs Tactical De-Barb 4 Bobs Tactical De-Barb 4" $14.00

    Choose your options

    Red Handle - $14.00:

    Black Handle - $14.00:

      Named in honor of our grandfather, fly fishing mentor, and solid man True De-Barb even on size 28-30.  Lock designed in such a way that it does not engage while de-barbing, even small flies. This is a sign... Read More
  • Bobs Tactical Curved Bobs Tactical Curved $18.00

    Choose your options

    Black Handle - $18.00:

    BTC - Bobs Tactical Curved Scissors - 6" * Named in honor of our granfather, fly fishing mentor, and solid man * Curved tip - to make it easier to see and engage the hook while removing  * Proper sized thumb loop - bec... Read More
  • Bobs Tactical Scissors Bobs Tactical Scissors $18.00

    Choose your options

    Black Handle - $18.00:

    Red Handle - $18.00:

    BTS - Bobs Tactical Scissors - 6" length * Named in honor of our granfather, fly fishing mentor, and solid man * Proper sized thumb loop - because getting your thumb stuck in hemostats is weak * Proper sized double finger... Read More
  • BT Crocodile 6 BT Crocodile 6" $20.00

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    Black Handle - $20.00:

    The ultimate fly fishing multi tool: cutting, crimping, de-barbing, and release tool all in the popular Bob's Tactical handle configuration. Our time tested Crocodile jaw for releasing fish without handling them has been improved - larger... Read More
  • Work 6 Work 6" $20.00

    Choose your options

    Black handle - $20.00:

    Red Handle - $20.00:

    Work 6" - AKA - The SplitShot Removing BadAss, AKA SplitRing Solution * We introduced the Work 6" in 2008, augmented them in 2010 with internal spring goodness and have been selling them to thousands of happy anglers - both spin and fly, espec... Read More
  • Special Blend Lippa4Life Special Blend Lippa4Life $32.00

    Choose your options

    w/o Leash - $32.00:

    w/ Leash - $37.00:

    We designed the lippa4life to replace both a net and a Boga-grip. While we appreciate the benefits of nets in fast moving current or on a boat, we think they add unnecessary stress to fish when used in other situations. We know r... Read More
  • Big Needle Big Needle $24.00
    8" Long, matte black finish, hinge lock, NEW Internbal single tension spring, cutting blade, smooth and ribbed arms. Our Heaviest, Strongest Pair of Pliers for BIG fish and Big Hooks.
  • Pops Q Tool Pops Q Tool $50.00

    Choose your options

    Black Handle, 15 - $50.00:

    Camo Handle, 15 - $60.00:

    We are happy to announce that as of June 1st 2013, we are now making this spectacular tool in our own Salt Lake City shop. 100% of this product is made in Utah from American made materials, doesn't get more Made in America than that. Produc... Read More