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Product Description

The WhipFin is another of our excellent new fly tying tools. While it lacks the aluminum handles found on our other tools, it is still made in our Salt Lake shop and it performs.

As you will likely see, ours is heavily influenced by Mr. Matarelli's awesome, innovate, 1975 Patented design.

We differ from his in a few important areas:

  • Our wire form has a steeper inverted-V at the base and larger ground angle on tip for tighter thread control.
  • Our brass tube is tighter on the shaft of our wire form for more control.
  • We use beads on top and bottom for nicer feel, look, and control
  • The angle of the top wire flares up for smooth thread removal.

These four tweaks make it more functional, though we are always first to acknowledge his groundbreaking design and influence on helping us all be more precise tyers.